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Legal advice

Legal advice via the Studierendenwerk Greifswald

No money for a part-time job? Problems with the landlord? Since September 2012 students of the University of Greifswald, the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund can call on the help of the Studierendenwerk Greifswald for such or similar questions.

Cooperation with the law firm ParaGreif and RA Dr. Thomas Thiesen 

In cooperation with the law firm ParaGreif (RA Dr. Thomas Thiesen) from Greifswald, the Studierendenwerk has created the possibility of a free consultation for students.

Excluded is information that is directed against the Studierendenwerk itself. Otherwise, the questions can comprehensively concern problems in the everyday life of the students and in their private lives. The service includes a legal consultation. Business errands, i.e. the conducting of lawsuits or the writing of pleadings by the lawyer, are not included.

For this service, the Studierendenwerk Greifswald makes funds available annually from its own cultural and social fund, which in turn is fed from the semester fees.

A consultation certificate is required to make use of the consultation. It is issued by the social counselling service of the Studierendenwerk in Greifswald, Neubrandenburg and Stralsund upon presentation of the student and identity card. With this voucher or the number of the consultation voucher you can visit the law firm ParaGreif in Greifswald personally or contact them by phone.

Request other advisory assistance

Good advice does not need to be expensive. You can apply to the local court for advice assistance. If the application is approved, the consultation costs for consulting a lawyer of your choice will be covered. There is only a contribution of 10 € for your own costs.

The counselling voucher from the local court is granted depending on your income. It usually covers the costs of the consultation. If representation (correspondence etc.) is necessary, this can also be invoiced via the consultation voucher. If a lawsuit should occur, you can apply for legal aid.

Applying for legal aid

This is also granted on the basis of income, but is dependent on a sufficient prospect of success. For a rough assessment of the prospects of success, comprehensive documents and evidence from the legal action must already be available, otherwise legal aid will be refused. If legal aid is granted and you lose the case, the costs of your own lawyer and any legal costs that may arise are covered, but any legal costs of the other party are not.