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Financing my studies

How can you finance your studies abroad? If you can't raise the funding yourself, there are still some options you can use to finance your semester abroad or study abroad.


In Germany, the BAföG is the federal law concerning the promotion of education and training.

Foreign students are only entitled to financial support according to the federal law concerning the promotion of education and training (BAföG) under certain conditions. Support via BAföG is basically only possible for once first undergraduate education up to the level of master's degree.

As a general rule, foreign students can receive BAföG if

  • they are asylum seekers or refugees
  • one parent or the spouse has German citizenship
  • they have already worked in Germany for at least five years as students
  • one parent had been legally employed in Germany for at least three years within the last six years

Students from the European Union (EU) can also receive BAföG if they had worked in Germany for at least six months or prior to this time in a job similar to the subject they intend to study.

The application must be submitted in good time, as BAföG is only granted from the month in which the application is submitted. 

Scholarships from foundations

There is also the possibility of receiving a scholarship from a foundation. The application for a schloarship should already be made in the home country. Information on DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarships, as well as on scholarships from other organisations for foreign students can be obtained from the DAAD, the branch offices of the DAAD, the German Ambassy or the German Consulate General in your country.

Financial assistance in short-term emergencies

Students who are acutely in a short-term financial emergency can quickly and unbureaucratically obtain an interest-free loan from the Studierendenwerk. Advice on this as well as the application for the loan is provided by our social counselling service.

Jobbing during your studies

Students from EU countries do not have to observe any requirements. The same legal regulations apply to them as to German students.

Students from non-EU countries must observe special requirements if they want to work alongside their studies.

Cost of living in Germany

The cost of living in Germany is relatively high. Therefore studying at a German university is relatively expensive. At the moment there are no tuition fees to be paid at the universities of Greifswald, Stralsund and Neubrandenburg. For one month of study you should plan at least 800 € (for rent, health insurance, semester contribution, food). In addition, there are expenses for telephone, study literature, copies, clothing and leisure activities (theatre, cinema etc.). 

Good to know: Especially in the first weeks of your stay in Germany you should expect increased expenses (tenancy deposits for apartment or dormitory room, fees for the resistance permit etc.).