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Relocation & change of dormitory

Request for relocation & change of dormitory

Please only submit a removal request in which you can specify a wish. Further requests for relocation cannot be considered.
In the case of a new move, the request will be processed after 6 months of residence at the earliest. Each tenant may move a maximum of 1 time!
We will examine your request and reserve the right to reject your request on the basis of § 9 of our General Rental Conditions (only for Greifswald). 

Hereby I submit

the application for a move to:

Makarenkostraße 47a – c
Ernst-Thälmann-Ring 8 – 10
Wilhelm-Holtz-Straße 4
Fleischerwiese Complex I
Fleischerwiese Complex II
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 11
Max-Kade-Haus, Hans-Beimler-Straße 9
Bachstraße 27

Important Note

The relocation application becomes void once your request is granted and a move has taken place. A relocation fee will be charged according to the fee schedule of the Studierendenwerk upon signing the rental agreement.