Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) on the subject of refectories and cafeterias

In the following overview you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the field of university gastronomy.

How do I find my favourite food without any complications?

Our Internet menu (meal plan) shows you the current menu for each canteen as well as a preview for the next five days. Here you will also find further information on the additives contained and prices. The menus are updated several times a day.

How are the sales prices of the different user groups calculated?

The sales prices for lunch in the refectories are calculated in accordance with the regulations of the respective country; in the cafeterias, different price definitions apply.

You can find further information under: Food prices

What about sustainability in food planning?

We have already done a lot to achieve this, fair trade coffee beans and drinking chocolate from organic farming, fish purchased from sustainable fisheries and no use of eggs from cage farming are just a few examples.

You can find further information at: Sustainability

How do I get the service card as a student?

Students of Stralsund University of Applied Sciences and Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences already have the Mensa Exchange on their student card and therefore do not need a separate service card. If this is not the case, you can obtain the service card upon presentation of your student ID at all cash desks in the refectories and cafeterias as well as at the central cash desk in the Mensa am Wall.

Under what conditions do university employees receive a service card?

Upon presentation of your student ID card, you will also receive the service card at all cash desks in the refectories and cafeterias as well as at the central cash desk in the Mensa am Wall.

How do I get the service card as a guest?

No special requirements are necessary.

How much does the service card cost?

A deposit of 6 € is required for the service card.

Do I get my deposit for a defective Service Card refunded or a free replacement?

If it is a technically defective service card with normal wear and tear, I will get my deposit back or a replacement free of charge. If the service card is destroyed through your own fault (perforated, deformed by heat, etc.), the deposit will not be refunded.

What data is stored on the service card?

The service card is not personalised. Only the current balance, the user group (e.g. student) and the validity are stored on the service card.

Why do I need the 17-digit number on the back of the service card?

The 17-digit number is the only way to identify your service card in the system in case of loss or technical defect, the prerequisite for blocking or credit withdrawal. Please note this number in a safe place.

Where can I find general information on service cards - usage?

Statements on the general conditions of the service cards - usage can be found under: Card Service

Can I eat in the canteen at student conditions as a foreign student, pupil, trainee or apprentice?

The student price is only valid upon presentation of the student card of a university in the area of responsibility of the Studierendenwerk Greifswald (University of Greifswald, Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences). The favourable meal prices are mainly the result of these semester fees and the state subsidies.

Service card lost, what to do?

Please report the loss immediately to a cafeteria, stating the service card number and your contact details, in order to arrange for it to be blocked.

Service card blocked, what to do?

Please report the problem immediately to a canteen or cafeteria, the staff will help you.

Why is the calorie content not shown on the food?

The nutritional values of food are subject to natural fluctuations and also depend on the amount of food served. The calculated energy values would therefore only be rough estimates. By stating an exact value, we would no longer be able to respond individually to the wishes of our guests. For example, it would then no longer be possible to replace or omit components. We therefore offer the menus of the mensaVital line in our dining halls, which corresponds to nutritional principles.

Why do some dishes contain flavour enhancers? Is it not possible to do without them completely?

The topic "Avoidance of flavour enhancers and other additives" plays a decisive role in the selection of meals at the Studierendenwerk Greifswald. Our cooks do not use any additives, such as flavour enhancers, in the preparation of the meals. We serve up to 5,000 guests in our refectories every day. Therefore, the use of certain ready-made products is not always avoidable. When selecting these products, however, we make sure that they contain as few additives as possible.

How can I tell in which ingredient the additives are contained?

The additives are either listed for the entire menu (e.g. for the mensaVital menu line) or separately for each food component.

How certain can I be that allergens are listed?

We do everything to make the labelling of allergens as safe as possible. Our merchandise management programme includes all foods with the corresponding labelling. Every new article added to our product range is immediately entered into this merchandise management program with the labelling. In addition, the data is continuously updated in case of a change of supplier.

The kitchen managers plan the menus with the merchandise management program, so that the labelling is carried out automatically by the program. This information is then the basis for the Internet menu, the monitors in the cafeteria foyers and the signs at the counter.