The study time is an exciting period with many challenges. The first obstacles are taken. Still, there will also be new questions:

Have I decided the right field of study?
Are you considering changing your field of study or retreating from the studies? In these circumstances the “Studienberatungen” (Student Advisory Office) of the universities Greifswald, Stralsund and Neubrandenburg offer you assistance.
In addition to the counselling related to studies a meeting with the social counselling / psychological counselling service is also recommended.
In Greifswald there are group workshops on topics such as: “What can I do, what do I want, who am I?” and “Change of studies/ withdraw from the studies”. The workshops are organised by the competence network.

How is it, when I want to move?
If you have a room in one of the halls of residence of the “Studierendenwerk” and you want to move in another room, you have to ask for the “Umzugsantrag” (Moving Application). For this you have to go to the “Abteilung Studentisches Wohnen” (Student Housing Department).
If you are not living in a residential accommodation of the “Studierendenwerk” and you are searching for a room, the “Privatzimmervermittlung” (Private Room Mediation) can help you.

What do I have to consider to continue receiving BAföG?
Above all, the timely placement of the repeat application is important. Furthermore, you should think about getting advice from the “Ausbildungsförderung” regarding questions about changing your field of study, submission of certificates or limits for supplementary income.

How do I organise a semester abroad?
Studying abroad must be planned in time. The “Akademische Auslandsämter” (International Offices) in Greifswald, Stralund and Neubrandenburg provide you with information about the possibilities, requirements and funding.
A stay abroad (study and internship) can also be funded by the BAföG. Only the BAföG offices are responsible for the BAföG abroad. Addresses and further information can be received from the “Ausbildungsförderung” (Education Support) department.

How can I acquire skills beyond my studies (social skills, studying and learning techniques, time management, etc.)?
Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire or improve these important competences for a successful degree. The competence network offers various Workshops.

Who can I ask for advice in case I do not know what to do?
The Social counselling/ Psychological counselling service of the “Studierendenwerk” offer assistance in various life circumstances.

Working while studying – is it possible?

Receiving income while studying can have an impact on the financial state benefits (child benefits, tax exemption for children, BAföG, etc.).  Inform yourself in time at the Social counselling (Sozialberatung) about the current statutory rules.