Moving out of the dormitory

You want to move out of the dorm?

If you want to move out of your room, please note the following points to save time and money and to avoid inconsistencies.

Organizational matters: Dates & deadlines

firstly, the notice period is usually three months. This means that if you wish to terminate the lease, you must terminate your lease no later than the third working day of a calendar month to the end of the month after next. There is one exception: At the end of the winter or summer semester, the tenant can give two months' notice. If you are unsure about the period of notice, please contact the staff of the Student Housing Department.

secondly: If you move out properly, you will get your deposit back. For this reason, please contact the dormitory administration in time (10 days before!) before you move out.

thirdly: To hand over your room, please make an appointment with the caretaker (in Neubrandenburg with the dormitory administration) 1 week before you move out (see also § 8, paragraph 4 of the general terms of lease). Office hours of the caretaker as well as telephone numbers can be found on the handed out house rules or here.

Fourthly: As we do not have a reception desk, you can only move out on working days Monday - Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays it is not possible to move out for organisational reasons.

Proper condition - what does that mean?

When you hand over your room, the caretaker or dormitory administrator will check the proper condition of your room and the condition of the common rooms. If you have received an equipment package from the Studentenwerk, these items such as dishes, cutlery and bed linen must be handed over completely and clean! If you do not hand them over properly, your deposit will be reduced and will not be returned to you in full.