Dormitory Tutors - from flatmate to flatmate

Dormitory tutors are students like you who also live in the dormitories where they take on this task as a tutor. Therefore, our tutors are easily accessible and can help you if we cannot be reached here at the Studierendenwerk.

Some of you may be wondering what kind of requests you can turn to our tutors for. Should you have difficulties within your shared flat, be it cleaning or observing the rest periods or similar, you can bring your tutor from your dormitory for an talk and he or she will try to mediate and find solutions together with you. If you have questions about your room or other worries with the dormitory, your tutor can also help you.

Should you ever move out of your room and don't know exactly what to do, your tutor knows what to do and can help you with advice and support.

What do the dorm tutors do?

  • Reception of international students in the halls of residence, handing over of the rooms and introduction to the halls of residence and their surroundings
  • As contact person in the dormitories they function as an interface between residents and the Studierendenwerk
  • Placement in other departments of the Studentenwerk and the university
  • Support for cultural events of the university and the Studierendenwerk
  • neutral conflict resolution in the shared flats

Who are our dorm tutors?

Wohnheim Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 11 a – e (Greifswald)

Nele Wöstenberg
Language skills: English

Phone: 0152 59711168
E-Mail: nelewoestenberg(at)gmx(dot)de

Max-Kade Haus, Hans-Beimler-Str. 9 (Greifswald)

Shereen Younus
Sprachkenntnisse: Englisch, Arabisch

Mobil: 0152 1032 5331
E-Mail: shereen.yn(at)hotmail(dot)com

Fleischerwiese (Greifswald)

Falix Galler
Sprachkenntnisse: Polnisch, Englisch

Mobil: 0172 6797 124
E-Mail: felix.galler(at)

Makarenkostraße 47a-c (Greifswald)

Audrey Marfo
Sprachkenntnisse: Englisch, Französisch

Mobil: 0179 3235992
E-Mail: audrey.marfo(at)outlook(dot)de

Wilhelm-Holtz-Straße 4 (Greifswald)


Holzhausen (Stralsund)

Isabell Meile
Sprachkenntnisse: Englisch

Mobil: 0174 8273 459