Case of average - what to do

What is a case of average?

A failure of the electrical system or the water supply, a burst pipe - an emergency situation that can occur in the dormitory. This does not include, for example, dripping water valves, clogged hand basins and showers, defective light switches and sockets, defective fuses in the apartments, defective hotplates and ovens in electric cookers, defective boilers etc. In these cases, please inform your caretaker on the next possible working day.

What to do in an emergency?

During the times

  • Monday to Thursday: 4 pm - 6 am and
  • Friday from 2 pm to Monday 6 am and on public holidays

call the following security company:

    Greifswalder Wach- und Sicherheitsdienst (GWS): Tel: 0 38 34 - 57 010

Connected to this central office are various companies, primarily in the trades of heating, plumbing, electrical, locksmith and sewage disposal.

Every emergency call costs extra money! The Studierendenwerk only covers the costs of this if it is really an emergency or an accident, e.g. a water pipe burst.