Financing of the general subsistence

Financial own resources or BAföG

The Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) also gives students with disabilities and chronic illnesses top priority for financing their studies if they do not have sufficient own funds and the income or assets of their parents or spouse are insufficient. Please contact the BAföG office for information on all questions concerning the promotion of education.

Special BAföG regulations for students with disabilities

The BAföG regulations take into account by


  • the inclusion of an additional hardship allowance in the parental income,
  • the possibility of extending the maximum duration of support, and
  • specific repayment terms

the special situation of disabled students. However, disability-related additional expenses during the course of study are not taken into account in the BAföG calculation. Here the SGB XII. applies under certain conditions. You can obtain advice on the special BAföG regulations for students with disabilities from your BAföG office.


Within the framework of the scholarship scheme for gifted students, studies can be (partially) financed by scholarship funds. The modalities can be obtained from the organisations for the promotion of gifted students (financing possibilities except BAföG > scholarships through foundations)

Foundations that specifically support students with disabilities:

Dr. Willy Rebelein Stiftung

Bauvereinstr. 10-12
90489 Nürnberg

Tel.: 0911/ 580 74-0
Fax: 0911/ 580 74-10


Daimlerstr. 10
45133 Essen

Tel.: 0201/ 42 06 84

Paul und Charlotte Kniese-Stiftung

Hardenbergplatz 2
10623 Berlin

Tel.: 030/ 795 92 30
Fax: 030/ 796 86 00

(The Kniese Foundation works exclusively in the field of care for the blind.)