Organizational matters: leave of absence and financing

Request for leave of absence semester

A student can be exempted from studying for an important reason upon written application (leave of absence). Important reasons are among others:

  • pregnancy,
  • Maternity leave and
  • care of a child during periods when the employment relationship would entitle him/her to parental leave.

Leave of absence is generally only granted for the current or the coming semester, but not for past semesters. It is to be applied for on the appropriate forms with the appropriate proofs within the re-registration period, at the latest by the beginning of lectures. If the reason for the leave of absence occurs later, the application must be submitted immediately after the reason is known.

A repeated leave of absence is permissible. Leave semesters are not counted as semesters of study. Although the semester on leave of absence is reflected as a university semester in the total number of semesters enrolled, it does not count towards the number of semesters of study. Study and examination achievements can only be completed during the leave of absence in exceptional cases with the approval of the university management.

According to the contribution regulations of the Studierendenwerk and the student body, an exemption from the payment of the semester contribution or a repayment during the leave of absence is possible. Applications can be obtained from the Student Secretariat. The student health insurance remains valid. A re-registration for the next semester must be made in any case, despite a semester of leave of absence. The Student Secretariat or the Matriculation and Examination Office at your university is responsible for the leave of absence.

Leave of absence & financing

Students on leave of absence do not receive BAföG during the period of leave of absence. They are entitled to unemployment benefit II (ALG II) if they are able to work, and to social benefits for their under-age children living with them as a group. ALG II is paid on a subordinate basis and depends on income and assets. The application is submitted to the Job Center. The leave of absence and the application for ALG II should be made as early as possible, because ALG II is not paid retroactively under any circumstances.