Social counselling

The task of the general social counseling is to support and advise students on all issues that affect them - privately or in their studies.

The main focus is on social and economic issues related to studying. However, the general social counseling is also a first point of contact for other problems. Especially for freshmen and international students who need orientation regarding authorities and state institutions, the social counseling can be helpful.

The discussions, which are treated confidentially, serve to provide individual clarification and orientation and are intended to facilitate decision-making.

The Social Counseling Service provides information and advice on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Possibilities of financing studies
  • General financial benefits for students
  • Legal regulations and insurance issues related to student status
  • Social problems in special life situations such as studying with a child, handicap or caring for relatives
  • Study organization, learning and examination management

Counseling is free of charge, anonymous if desired, and is committed to the principle of "help for self-help".

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