What can I do if I have language difficulties in the beginning?

Everyday contact with other students is the best and fastest way to improve your German in everyday life.

So-called language tandems have also proven to be very effective among students. A language tandem is formed by two students who have different mother tongues (often a foreign and a German student meet). At joint meetings one can then improve one's German language skills in a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time teach another student one's own mother tongue. In addition, the language tandem may also help you to make new friends. In order to find a partner for a language tandem, you can, for example, post notices in the institutes or in the cafeteria.

In Germany we have so-called „Volkshochschulen“ (= adult education centers). They sometimes offer courses for German as a foreign language. If you are interested, you can get information directly from the „Volkhochschulen“ Greifswald, Stralsund and Neubrandenburg.