mensaVital menu line

mensaVital. Eat light.

For more and more people, a healthy, nutritious and sustainable diet plays an important role; especially if they spend the day predominantly sitting and their ability to concentrate must not suffer. Against this background, a working group of the East German student unions has developed a menu line that makes a light, balanced diet possible: mensaVital. An interdisciplinary team consisting of chefs, diet cooks, diet assistants and ecotrophologists regularly work on the further development of the menu line.

The mensaVital menu line proves: healthy food is fresh and delicious.

mensaVital stands for fresh, balanced and contemporary food. The specially developed recipes take into account regional and international cooking influences as well as a balanced composition of ingredients.

mensaVital means that each dish always meets the following criteria:


  • nutritionally balanced composition of ingredients*
  • careful food selection (whole grain products, pulses, nuts, lean meat, crunchy colorful vegetables)
  • vitamin-preserving and low-fat preparation
  • fresh and natural ingredients
  • Use of high-quality fats and oils
  • our contribution to "5 a day" (= 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day)
  • with a daily offer, fish, meat, vegan and vegetarian dishes are offered in a balanced ratio
  • Abstention from fried and breaded dishes
  • Avoidance of highly processed foods
  • Absence of aromas and flavour enhancers
  • Use of fresh herbs instead of seasoning mixtures
  • creative recipes
  • Connection of regional and international cooking influences

* One midday portion corresponds to the energy requirement for the midday meal of an adult (19-65 years) with sedentary activity (physical activity level PAL = 1.4). (DGE Bonn; 2008, 1st edition; Quality standards for company catering; p. 11)

Currently, you can find a delicious MensaVital meal from Monday to Thursday in the refectory on Campus Loefflerstraße and in the cafeteria on Berthold-Beitz-Platz in Greifswald. In our refectories in Stralsund and Neubrandenburg there are also MensaVital meals on selected days during the semester.

Try it out - we wish you a good appetite!

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