Menu - Mensa Berthold-Beitz-Platz

Monday, 13.07.2020 ( today - Tuesday, 14.07.20 )

Mensa-to-go oder Vor-Ort-Verzehr

Öffnungszeit: 10.00 - 14.00 Uhr, Ausgabe über die Cafeteria.

Barzahlung nur in Ausnahmefällen (für externe Gäste) möglich!

Nutzung der Sitzplätze nur mit Angabe der Kontaktdaten (drinnen und draußen). Zum Zweck der Nachverfolgung von Infektionen mit Covid-19 muss eine Person pro Gästegruppe die Kontaktdaten angeben.
Sweet plated portion (cold)
Semolina porridge (G,A) with cherries (1,G)
Semolina porridge (G,A) with cherries (1,G)
Meal 2
Beef ragout (R,A) with red cabbage (3) and spaetzle (A,C)
Vegetarian or Vegan
Chili sin Carne (vegan) (A,F) with herbed rice
Lunch dish (only in the cafeteria clinicum)
Beef ragout (R,A) with red cabbage (3) and spaetzle (A,C)
Subject to change.

(1) with colourants, (2) with preservatives, (3) with antioxidants, (4) with flavour enhancers, (5) sulphurated, (6) blackened, (7) with phosphate, (8) contains a source of phenylalanine, (9) iodised salt, (10) fluoridated salt, (11) contains caffeine, (12) contains alcohol, (13) contains quinine, (14) waxed, (15) with sweeteners

(A) cereals containing gluten, (B) contains crustaceans, (C) contains egg, (D) contains fish, (E) contains peanuts, (F) contains soya, (G) contains milk and milk sugar (lactose), (H) contains nuts, (I) contains celery, (J) contains mustard, (K) contains sulfur dioxide/sulfites, (L) contains sesame, (M) contains lupin, (N) contains molluscs

Other food labels:
(R) beef, (S) pork, (Gefl) poultry, (W) venison

Informations about the containing ingredients:
Any details about the ingredients are based on information we get from our producers and suppliers. Cross-contaminations can occur due to the producers product diversity and as products may contain not-listed ingredients. Futhermore, the operating of a commercial kitchen may cause mixing of the ingredients when the various food components are processed, which may lead to cross-contaminations at this stage of production. We therefore can’t guarantee that the offered food contains no other ingredients than the listed ones. The Studentenwerk Greifswald therefore accepts no liability for the completeness of the ingredients listed.