Why are there closing times in our refectories during the semester break?

We are aware of the displeasure of students who would like to use our refectories every day during the semester break and are faced with closed doors. We would therefore like to explain why closing times are necessary by answering a few questions.

Which refectories are closed during the semester break?

Our refectories in Neubrandenburg and Stralsund as well as the refectory at the Campus Loefflerstraße in Greifswald have so-called closing times during the semester break. We try to limit the summer closing times to 4 weeks each.

How are the closing times in the refectories announced?

We inform about our closing times through various channels. Up to three weeks before closing time, information can be found on the daily menus. On our homepage we provide information in the sections "News" and "Closing times". Notices on the location point out possible alternatives and posts on our Facebook page additionally remind you of this.

How big is the difference in the number of visitors between the lecture period and the lecture-free period?

In the refectory at the Campus Loefflerstraße in Greifswald we serve an average of 750 meals a day to students, staff and guests. At the moment (end of July, two weeks after the end of the lecture period) there are only 400 meals a day on average. Many students and employees take leave of absence after the exams at the latest. For this reason, the number of portions will be further reduced to around 250 meals a day in the next few days.

Why can't the refectory remain open with a reduced offer?

Cost savings on electricity, water, sewage, cleaning and waste disposal can only be achieved if the refectory is closed completely. For example, we can completely turn off the ventilation in the areas of the refectory that are not used. The kitchen appliances and dishwashers can remain switched off and therefore do not consume electricity, water or cleaning agents. The cleaning of unused areas can be eliminated or reduced. The rhythm of waste disposal is also reduced during this period. The summer closing time also serves to allow our employees to take their well-earned annual leave and/or to reduce accrued overtime.

Do students in Stralsund, Neubrandenburg and Greifswald have to starve now?

No, by no means! One facility at each location will remain open throughout the summer. In Stralsund and Neubrandenburg we offer at least two additional lunch dishes at the opended facility. In Greifswald, the refectory at Berthold-Beitz-Platz remains open regularly in summer.

We wish all students, no matter where they spend their semester break, a wonderful summer! We are already looking forward to the next semester with you!