Financial benefits for students

The exemption from the broadcasting contribution obligation

Exemptions from the obligation to pay broadcasting fees are granted only upon application.

The radio licence fee is charged at a flat rate per apartment; this also applies to self-contained shared flats. An exemption is only possible for students as recipients of educational assistance according to the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (BAföG) who do not live with their parents. The exemption must be applied for directly from the ARD-ZDF-Deutschlandradio-Beitragsservice. Information on exemption options is available at

International Students Identity Card

In many countries, the internationally recognised student identity card ISIC - International Students Identity Card - provides a number of advantages. More information on the necessary documents and addresses for issuing the card can be found on the ISIC homepage,

KUS: Cultural and social identity card (only for students in Greifswald)

Students in Greifswald who have registered their main place of residence in Greifswald can apply for the “Kultur- und Sozialpass” (KUS). With this pass you get discounts, e.g. when buying bus tickets, at the municipal library, the theatre Vorpommern, the Pomeranian State Museum and the leisure pool (see also Culture and Social Pass on

Further information and applications can be obtained from the Office for Youth, Social Affairs and Family in Greifswald.