Housing allowance

In order to enable lower-income households to bear the housing costs for adequate and family-friendly housing, they are supported by means of the housing allowance. A legal entitlement to housing benefit exists if the legal requirements are met. Housing benefit is a non-repayable contribution to the cost of housing.

Housing allowance & study?

However, most students are not entitled to housing benefit because they either receive BAföG (the need for accommodation is already taken into account there) or their own income or that of their parents is too high. However, those who are not entitled to BAföG or who live in an economic community with persons who are basically entitled to housing assistance are entitled to housing assistance. These are, for example, students who


  • have exceeded the age limit of 30 years at the beginning of their studies
  • have changed their education or specialisation without recognised reason,
  • have exceeded the maximum duration of support,
  • have started a non-eligible training course (e.g. a second training course)
  • have not provided the required proof of performance according to § 48 BAföG,
  • have children to care for
  • are married or live in a marriage-like community or civil partnership,
  • Receive BAföG as a full loan (aid for graduation).

As a rule, the Housing Benefit Office checks whether the income plus any housing benefit granted is sufficient to live (plausibility check).

Since the Housing Allowance Act does not contain a separate regulation on the minimum subsistence level, it may be necessary to prove in individual cases that the available income is sufficient.

If you meet these requirements, the amount of housing benefit depends on four factors:


  • The number of family members in your household,
  • the level of income of the family members belonging to your household,
  • the amount of eligible rent (net rent), and
  • the rent level of the place of residence

You can only receive housing benefit if you submit an application and provide evidence of the requirements. You can obtain application forms from the local housing allowance office of the city administration.