BAföG – Federal Education and Trainings Assistance Act


What is BAföG?

BAföG stands for “Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz” (Federal Education and Trainings Assistance Act). It is a State grant for students and covers cost of living and education.

How can I get the BAföG?

BaföG can only be obtained by submitting an application with the fulfilled forms at the competent “Studierendenwerk”. To keep the deadline, an informal application is sufficient at the beginning of the process.

If studying in Greifswald the application must be sent to:
Studierendenwerk Greifswald
Amt für Ausbildungsförderung (Office for Education and Training)
Am Schießwall 1 – 4
17489 Greifswald

If studying at the University of Neubrandenburg or University of Stralsund the applications must be sent to the local offices.

You can find the corresponding application forms on our homepage.