Cultural and social promotion

A share of 2.50 € of the semester fee (75,00 €; 83.00 € from summer semester 2023) is earmarked for the promotion of cultural and social interests of the students.

Who is supported?

Only associations and corporations that carry out permitted and non-profit activities are supported. Associations and corporations that consist mainly of members of the student bodies of the University of Greifswald, University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg or University of Applied Sciences Stralsund are to be given preferential support. In particular, measures for students with children and disabled students, the student media and foreign students are to be supported.

Tip: The funding principle is: "By students for students". Before you apply, you should therefore first clarify whether what you are planning to do is basically aimed at all students at your university or whether funding would only benefit a few or a specific group of people. Only if what you are planning is "open" to all students a grant is possible.

Which requirements have to be met?

The prerequisite for funding is that


  • a cultural or social purpose is pursued which benefits the students of the above-mentioned student bodies, and
  • the overall financing is secured
  • and the application for funding, including a financing plan, has been received by the Studierendenwerk before the event/project is carried out.

Tip: You should take the respective meeting dates of the cultural committee into account in your planning. The applications must be received at least ten days before the respective meeting date so that a decision can be made. Applications submitted too late will usually only be decided in the following meeting.

How much funding is available?

Funding for the Studierendenwerk should not exceed 75 percent of the total funding. The maximum amount of funding within one year is 5,000 €. There is no legal claim to the granting of subsidies.

Tip: You should keep in mind in your planning that the disbursement of the funding is only made after the end of the event/project by providing proof of the shortfall. An advance payment is usually not possible.

How do I apply for the funding?

There is an application requirement. A decision can only be made on fully completed and signed applications which, in addition to the description of the event/project, also contain a financial plan showing any shortfall. When calculating the shortfall, planned income and expenditure should be forecast as realistically as possible, taking into account the worst case scenario to be assumed.

You can find the awarding guidelines here (only available in German language)
You can find the application form here (only available in German language)

Tip: If your application is received in time, you will receive an invitation to the meeting, which you should also attend (but there is no obligation to do so). In addition to a short presentation of your event/your project, you will also have the opportunity to answer possible questions, clarify any ambiguities or ask your own questions in a very unbureaucratic way. 

What are the obligations of financial support?

Events and projects sponsored by the Studierendenwerk must be made public by the applicant(s). The Studierendenwerk is to be named as a sponsor in an appropriate manner. For advertising with posters and flyers in the Studierendenwerk, the instructions for posting posters and flyers in refectories and cafeterias must be observed.

Within a maximum of 6 weeks after the end of the event/project, the shortfall has to be proven by submitting a total account. In the overall account, all cost items as well as income must be shown by means of suitable receipts.

Tip: In case of a grant approval you will receive an e-mail with the logo of the Studierendenwerk for use in advertising media in addition to the letter of approval by mail. A banner of the Studierendenwerk can also be borrowed for the implementation of events and projects.

Where can I get support with the application?

The members of the cultural committee are available for all questions regarding the application and the funding principles. On the part of the Studierendenwerk, Mrs. Schmittendorf (Dept. Accounting / Controlling, Tel.: 0 38 34 - 86 17 27) and Mrs. Reidenbach (Dept. Management) are available.