Mission statement of the Studierendenwerk Greifswald

The corporate mission statement provides answers to three important questions:

1. why do we exist? What is the purpose of our organization? (Mission)

2. what is the image of the future that we want to create of ourselves? (vision)

3. how do we act in accordance with our mission to achieve the realization of our vision? (values)


Why does the Studentenwerk Greifswald exist?


  • With the fulfilment of its public mission - the social, economic, health and cultural care of students in Greifswald, Neubrandenburg and Stralsund - as stipulated in the Studentenwerkgesetz Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Studentenwerk Greifswald makes its contribution to the implementation of equal opportunities in the educational system.
  • As an independent institution, the Studentenwerk Greifswald has core competencies in the provision of social services, specialising in the target group of students. Special attention is paid to the support of foreign students, environmental and health protection as well as the cultural participation of students.
  • The Studierendenwerk Greifswald works closely together with the University of Greifswald, the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund as well as their student bodies in the common creation of the living space university.



 What is the image of the future that we want to create?


  • The Studierendenwerk Greiswald is the students' centre of competence for all services and consulting in the non-scientific field. By networking its individual services, the Studentenwerk Greiswald provides orientation, reduces costs for the students and enables them to study more carefree and successfully.
  • The Studentenwerk Greifswald supports the University of Greifswald, the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund in overcoming their challenges. This includes, for example, the introduction of new courses of study and internationalisation. The competitiveness of the universities in our area of support is thus strengthened.
  • The services offered by the Studierendenwerk are an important quality criterion in the university environment. It contributes to increasing the attractiveness and success of our locations.




  • Students are the focus of our activities.
  • Universities are our cooperation partners.
  • Observance and compliance with governmental regulations is a condition of existence.
  • Employees are the source of our success.
  • Profitability is our corporate principle.
  • For us, environmentally conscious action is not a contradiction to economic goals.
  • We show tolerance towards everything that is "different".
  • Internationality means diversity and challenge for us.

"Students are the focus of our activities."
The provision of services for students is based on the principle of equal treatment of all students.
The problems and concerns of the students are treated in a solution-oriented manner - also involving the services of third parties. This means that internal procedures are to be oriented towards the result, while complying with legal regulations.The students can trust in the competence of the staff of the Studierendenwerk.
Through their participation in the committees of the Studierendenwerk, students gain insight into the structure of a social service company and the opportunity to represent their interests and develop their own skills.

"Universities are our cooperation partners"

Universities and the Studentenwerk work together within the scope of their competences to shape the 'university living space'. The Studentenwerk sees itself as a social supplement to the studies and is committed to supporting the universities in building their profile.

The cooperation is in the interest of the students and is characterized by mutual acceptance and information. In order to support the cooperation, performance agreements for the area of social and economic services are to be concluded.

Through the networking of social and economic services of universities and student services, synergy effects are achieved and the service offers are qualified.

"Observance and compliance with governmental regulations is a condition of existence."

The Studierendenwerk Greifswald, as an institution under public law, is committed to the responsible use of public funds as well as to observing and complying with legal regulations and requirements.

The application and communication of the legal requirements and regulations requires their exact and secure knowledge by the employees of the Studentenwerk.

The personal and written approach of students and cooperation partners must meet the requirements of an institution under public law.

"Employees are the source of our success"

The employees are the most important resource for the Studierendenwerk. Without competent and friendly employees, the realization of the goals of the Studierendenwerk is not possible. The employees give the Studentenwerk a face for the students.

The employees are deployed according to their abilities and skills. They act as independently as possible within their area of responsibility and they are given the opportunity for further education and development.

The department heads and the managing director motivate the employees by valuing the personality and the work of all employees, by making an objective and reliable evaluation of the work and by fulfilling their role as role models.

"Profitability is our corporate principle"

Economic activity is the most important secondary condition for the Studierendenwerk to fulfil its public mission.

Economic action means conscious cost-benefit thinking, especially in the responsible use of resources and technology, in the evaluation of future investments and in obtaining offers from third parties.

Economic efficiency enables the high quality of our services at low prices in the interest of the students: This ensures the competitiveness of the Studentenwerk's services in the long term and its existence in the long term. 

"For us, environmentally conscious action is not a contradiction to economic goals"

Environmental awareness means - especially in our daily activities - the economical and conscious use of all resources as well as the minimization of waste.

We want to avoid the use of products that have been produced by exploiting nature and people, especially in developing countries.

Environmentally conscious action represents an important competitive factor and additional benefit compared to private sector suppliers. Furthermore, we want to set an example, especially to students.

"We show tolerance towards everything that is "different"

For us, tolerance means understanding students and finding solutions to their concerns without prejudice to culture, religion and attitude to life. This requires that we respect the attitudes of others and are willing and able to deal with different opinions.

By tolerance we also understand to question old habits and to allow new ideas.
Nevertheless, tolerance does not mean for us to accept intolerance, especially when it disregards freedom and equal treatment. Ignoring the potential for conflict is also not tolerance for us.

"Internationality means diversity and challenge for us"

For us, internationality means enrichment through exchange and diversity. At the same time, it places high demands on our professional and social skills.

The Studentenwerk Greifswald sees itself as a host and supports foreign students in settling in Germany. This means a high level of willingness and ability to communicate, in particular to overcome language barriers.

Internationality also means to maintain partnership relations with related institutions abroad for the benefit of the students.