Current information on the effects of the pandemic on the services of the Studierendenwerk

Only out-of-house sales from 02.11. in refectories & cafeterias

In accordance with the decision of the federal and state governments made on 28.10.2020 and the resulting Corona Ordinance of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the refectories and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk are also only allowed to open for out-of-home sales.

The cafeteria in the University Hospital is an exception to this regulation. Here, the cafeteria regulations apply, as access to the cafeteria will be severely restricted and it will be used in particular for the continued supply of the hospital staff.

All facilities that are currently open will remain open for out-of-home sales for the time being. Please refer to the current opening hours >>here<<


  • Mensa at Berthold-Beitz-Platz (Mensa-to-go, to the menu)
  • Mensa on the Loefflercampus (Mensa-to-go, to the menu)
  • Cafeteria on the Loeffler Campus (Cafeteria-to-go)
  • Cafeteria Stralsund (Mensa-to-go, to the menu, Cafeteria-to-go)
  • Mensa Neubrandenburg; currently via dining hall (Mensa-to-go, to the menu)
  • Cafeteria Neubrandenburg (Cafeteria-to-go)

Personal consultation must unfortunately be cancelled in November

A personal consultation will not be able to take place in November due to contact restrictions. This applies to all areas and all locations (BAföG, housing, social counselling, psychological counselling, cash desk, rent accounting, KfW consultation hours).

You can reach our staff by e-mail and telephone. The social counselling and psychological counselling service can hold video consultation hours by appointment.

The central e-mail addresses of the respective departments:


  • BAföG:;;
  • Housing:;;
  • Social counselling:
  • psychological counselling:
  • cash desk:
  • rental accounting:;
  • KfW counselling:

Financial support

The so-called "lockdown light" in November brings many students back into financial difficulties. Please contact us if you find yourself in a financial emergency due to the pandemic.

Our own Corona emergency aid continues

Our donor-financed Corona emergency aid continues as long as funds are available. Applications can be made. The emergency aid includes a flat monthly grant (respective monthly application) of 200 Euros. All information >>here<<

BMBF bridging aid to revive

The Federal Ministry of Education has announced that the bridging aid, which was implemented from June to September via the German student and student services organisations, is to be relaunched in November. Discussions are underway. Since some things in the application tool need to be revised, it may take some time before applications can actually be submitted again. The Studierendenwerk will keep you informed about all further developments.

Apply for BAföG

Make an application for BAföG! If your parents have financial losses, it is worthwhile to submit a so-called update application. All application forms and instructions on how to fill them in can be found >>here<<


Click >>here<< to go to the FAQ "Wohnen & Corona" (internal link)

Click >>here<< to go to the FAQ "Study financing & Corona" (internal link)

Information about the coronavirus

Information from the University of Greifswald and the Universities of Applied Sciences in Stralsund and Neubrandenburg

You should also ask your university for information about any measures and safety precautions that may have been taken:

General information on the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2)

You can obtain continuous information about the developments from the Robert Koch Institute.

General information and answers to frequently asked questions are provided by the Federal Centre for Health Education. This information is also continuously updated based on new findings.

Daily updated information on coronavirus and answers to frequently asked questions can also be found at the Federal Ministry of Health.

All important information for the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is provided by the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Health of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Telephone hotline and app for emergency information and news

Citizens' telephone for the country M-V

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the State Office for Health and Social Affairs, has set up a citizens' telephone line for general information on the coronavirus.

The number of the hotline is: 0385 5885888

"Do you know Nina?"

Nina is the nationwide emergency information and news app. News and information about the coronavirus is distributed through this app. It is available for Apple and Android devices in the respective app stores.

You can find more information about the "Nina" app here.